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    Book Review: "The Gagging of God":

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    This 5 page paper is an in-depth analysis of the book, "The Gagging of God" written by D.A. Carson. Furthermore, this paper analyzes this book from the perspective of the purpose of the book, the content, methodology and finally assessments. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    salvation"? The rest of his book is then spent reflecting on that question and arriving at his answer. The end result is that Carson believes todays world  has become increasingly pluralistic - meaning that there are a vast number of religions under the sun and a vast number of religious "authorities" trying to tell us their way  to salvation. However, Carson believes that it is important to cut through the increasing number of choices to that which is real, and steady. Carson in fact believes  it is imperative for people to return to the Gospel of the Bible and understand its message, as that is the unending means of enlightenment and salvation. What  is interesting about this book is its in-depth look at religious pluralism. In fact, this book goes into a great amount of detail in regards to how this is  effecting society. For example, in recent times there have been various interpretations of Biblical messages as well as growing cultural and racial diversity in the West which have brought  about even more changes and variances on thought. However, in "The Gagging of God" Carson attempts to reveal a bigger understanding of how this type of pluralism isnt bringing  more clarity into peoples lives, and that in fact in terms of clarity it offers less. Carson also asserts that there are many negative ramifications of having such  a pluralistic society in terms of religious beliefs. Although not included specifically, one cannot help but draw parallels between that message and the recent terrorist attacks in this country.  Clearly the terrorists were on a "mission" from God. They truly believed it was for God that they conducted such horrific acts. One could even argue they 

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