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    Book Review of Theda Perdue's Cherokee Women Gender and Culture Change, 1700-1835

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    In six pages the major concepts associated with this 1999 book are examined in a text review consisting of six pages. Four sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    First published in 1999, Theda Perdues "Cherokee Women: Gender and Culture Change, 1700-1835" is a much needed treatise on gender  issues which have been so frequently overlooked by the worlds predominantly white male anthropologists and historians. Perdues book is as much an exception to this predominantly white male view  of history as the author is herself. Perdue is not only female, she is a professor of history at the University of Kentucky and a widely published author on  the subject of the Cherokee people. Perdues knowledge of her subject of choice is seldom equaled by other authors, either historic or contemporary.  Perdues insight into the gender roles of Cherokee women is widely appreciated by women in all walks of life. Wilma Mankiller, previous chief of the Cherokee Nation  proclaims: "The book contributes significantly to American history by demonstrating the centrality of gender to  both everyday life and the politics of Indian-European interaction" (Barnes and Noble, 2002). Perdue  (1999) examines the role of gender in Cherokee life during one of the most turbulent times of their history. During the eighteenth and nineteenth century time period encapsulated by  the book the Cherokee were undergoing intense cultural change. That change, of course, was precipitated by their contact with the European peoples who invaded their lands. Despite the  pressure the Cherokee were exposed to, however, Perdue (1999) emphasizes that they managed to maintain their traditional gender roles, a feat which would prove invaluable to many aspects of their 

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