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    Breach of Fiduciary Responsibility (Evaluation of Case Study)

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    This 23 page paper evaluates a case submitted by a student. The case is outlined and then evaluated according to state and federal law. The case involves a corporation doing business in Colorado but domiciled in California. Facts of the case include, briefly, two partners who raise money for a business venture, but then take some of that money for their own and leave the country. Recourse for investors is the main thing explored. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    by a case study, submitted by a student, even friends can be unscrupulous and investors should be wary of any scheme or new business. Even when individuals are sincere, investors  must understand that there is risk involved in any new business, particularly when a lot of capital is necessary in addition to loans and so forth. If the business does  not turn a profit quickly, much of that money invested may be lost. In the following case, presented by a student, two college buddies decide to open a business, retain  an attorney, get friends to invest and so forth, but their idea goes terribly wrong, and millions of dollars later, the two who had disappeared with some money that really  did not belong to them, are on trial. The following is what might have happened as the following case goes to trial, and how state and federal law apply. The  facts of the case are quite interesting and involve more than one locale, and intricacies of setting up a business. While some of the partners ideas go to motive in  that they did indeed set up a scam, much of the case demonstrates that two partners can go bad in the midst of a deal. While it is never certain  what is in the mind of the individuals involved, what is certain is that investors lost money. It will be shown that the investors do have recourse, but it will  be difficult to recover money, particularly when much of the investment was funded on credit. II. Case Study The case involves two individuals who are friends and  are named Bill Slalom and John Mogul. The case begins as the friends go to college together, but Mogul ends up living in Colorado whereas Slalom goes to Massachusetts to 

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