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    This 11 page paper is written in two –parts. The first part is an examination of the airline industry and how it has created change, this is outlined and then examined with the use of a PESST and a SWOT analysis. The second part of the paper looks at how British Airways has developed and adapted to competes in this changing environment. The Airlines strategy of differentiation and use of technology, supply chain management and innovation, to achieve efficiency and excellence included in this section. The bibliography cites 11 sources.

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    considered. Until recently there has been a massive increase in the growth of the airline industry. The entire global use of the  transport mode can be seen as increasing since the 1960s. This is a global phenomenon. This increase can be seen in terms of both freight and passengers. Here we can  see a comparison in the global GDP in terms of change and the amount of tonnage carried in terms of change. This increase in the use of airlines and the  aviation industry had resulted in the projected need for more capacity, with open competition seen as the best way to satisfy this increased demand whilst ensuring that the passengers interests  are also taken into account. The market may be seen as attractive as the average growth rate in the industry at present is  4.9% and the demand is projected at growing at a tremendous rate reaching 5 trillion passengers in 2009 compared with the current level of 3 billion passengers in 1999  (World Market Research Centre, 2000, pNA). This increase in demand is going to require an increase in the supply of the aircraft journeys as well as the requirement for  an increase in the supply to the airline carriers by way of additional aircraft themselves. This is also projected at the requirement  for over 14,700 aircraft which can see over 70 passengers each (World Market Research Centre, 2000, pNA). Additionally there is also a freight industry that is also growing and can  be seen as an important part of the airline industry, the need for fright aeroplanes is projected at increasing to the extent of needing an additional 700 craft by 2009 

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