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    This 12 page paper is written in tow parts. The first, and longest part of the paper, undertakes a SWOT analysis that looks at the internet strategy of British Airways. The second part of the paper then used Porters Five Forces model to look at the use of the internet in the industry as a whole. The bibliography cites 9 sources.

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    the internet with its immediate communication and potential to add value to the value chain. British Airways is one of the airlines that have decided to use the internet, seeking  to integrate it with the rest of the companys operations to maximise the efficiencies it offers whilst attempting no to compromise the more traditional routes of business. The development of  their internet strategy may be seen when conducting a SWOT analysis. However, firs the background to the strategy needs to be considered. British Airways was privatised in 1987, from  this stage forward there has been a new group of stakeholders with a primary interest; the shareholders. This has helped drive the company forward and increase in terms of efficiency.  The internet is seen as a route of increasing the efficiency, and therefore the bottom line as well as increasing the level of exposure to costumers that the company is  able to achieve. In 1987 the mission was stated as being to become "the best and most successful company in the airline industry", by 1997 the mission statement was changed  to "to be the undisputed leader in world travel" (Cisco, 2002). This change may be seen as reflecting the changes in the airline industry and including the development of technology  and as time went by this was increasing apparent that it would have to include the internet. If the company was to be an undisputed leader they had to develop  an internet strategy, otherwise there would be an area where others may leader and develop strengths whilst eliminating or reducing weaknesses. Strengths British Airways undertook the internet strategy in  an holistic manner. The strategy became apparent in the year 2000, at a time when many airline companies had, at best, only a limited internet strategy. The company was not 

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