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    Business Plan for Cutting Edge Golf Carts

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    This 3 page paper evaluates the chances for the success of a new company, "Cutting Edge Golf Carts," using a business plan and a SWOT. It concludes that the company needs a great deal more study before it tries to introduce its product to the market. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    This paper evaluates the chances for the companys success using a business plan and a SWOT. In Brief A business plan is more than a SWOT, though a SWOT is  part of it. Its far more comprehensive and detailed, and usually includes the following sections: An executive summary; a company description ("legal establishment, history, start-up plans, etc."); the product or  service the company provides; market analysis; "strategy and implementation"; a "web plan summary"; a description of the management team; and a financial analysis" (Berry, 2004). Clearly a paper this short  cannot possibly comprise a traditional business plan; it can only highlight a few points. The SWOT Strengths and weaknesses are internal to a company; opportunities and threats come from outside.  A substantial search has not yielded any results for "golf cart lawn mower," "lawn mower attachment - golf cart" or any similar search terms. It would appear from this brief  survey that such a thing does not yet exist. There is a great deal of information available about equipment for maintaining golf courses, but most such equipment is in the  tractor / lawn mower category, not a hybrid (Golf & Turf, 2006). This means that the Cutting Edge Golf Carts Company is launching an entirely new product. Strengths: Novelty; this  has never been done before. Presumably the company principals are young, innovative and entrepreneurial and will put in the time needed to make it work. Weaknesses: This is a brand  new product that has never been developed before. It is also a "hybrid" in that its neither a golf cart nor a lawn mower, but a combination of both. Its  unclear what market its meant to serve: are golfers supposed to cut the greens as they play? Is it supposed to replace more specialized equipment? The purpose for this device 

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