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    A 5 page paper providing a mission statement, SWOT analysis, business and marketing plan for the PalmPrint, a truly portable printer designed for use with handheld computers. The PalmPrint represents the next generation of miniaturization of computer peripherals. It will appeal to the “gadget conscious” for early sales; it will appeal to serious users for sustainable growth and development because of the value it offers the user. The new generation of handheld computers elevates the class from PDA to true computer when adding a folding keyboard; addition of the PalmPrint completes the set. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    and business travelers throughout the developed world increasingly face time pressures and constraints. Average consumers lives are busier than ever, with family responsibilities growing at a time that Americans  are working more hours than ever before. Business people are dealing with ever-increasing competition that has all but eliminated the luxury of extended time periods for completing projects or  bringing products to market. We have become dependent on electronic information management aids and communication devices, and increasing numbers of us either are  uncomfortable with being out of pocket or are not allowed to be for very long. Success of the Palm Pilot(r) in recent years indicates that the market is ready  for peripheral products. The following information constitutes a very basic business and marketing plan for a "palmtop" printer. Business Plan Miniaturization of  electronic devices has been a driving force across electronic industries since the introduction of the first transistor radio half a century ago. Todays desktop computer holds more computing power  than could be contained in an entire room in the 1960s; current research is trained on biological "construction" of electronic circuits at the molecular level. A truly portable printer  intended for use with a handheld computer fits well into this continuing "downsizing" trend. Vision and Mission Statements PalmPrint will provide conveniently portable  printers compatible with current and future generations of palm and laptop computers. To achieve our goals, we are committed to staying abreast of trends while preserving attention to the  basics of product, quality, convenience and above all, superlative customer service. SWOT Analysis Strengths * The PalmPrint is the first such product available. * Price is only slightly higher than 

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