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    This 8-page paper focuses on an Apple SWOT analysis and how a company can form a strategy to compete against it. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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    company that competes with Apple Inc. This manager believes that a thorough analysis of Apple could help with implementation of successful strategies.  Though Apple is best known for its "cool" gadgets (i.e., iPhones, iPods and iPads), Apples roots are in personal computers. These days, the company continues innovating its core Mac desktop  and laptop computers, which feature the proprietary OS X operating system (Epperson, 2012). Products in this line include the Mac Pro and MacBook Pro as well as the iMac, an  all-in-one desktop system (Epperson, 2012). Though Steve Jobs, Apples founder and former CEO, died in late 2011, he had been more or less out of the picture for awhile, as  he had to deal with health issues (Epperson, 2012). SWOT Analysis Strengths A collection of innovative products (Epperson, 2012; Theroux, 2011). From the  birth of its Apple I to the most recent release of the iPad 3, Apple has been known for creating entertaining gadgets that offer a remarkable ease of use. Its  line of computers has the same cache - theyre easy to use and they look great. Such innovative products mean that Apple users will continue to remain loyal ones.  A "revolutionary" distribution system that continues to stimulate demand for Apple products (Epperson, 2012). Apples distribution system - featuring, in recent years, the  opening of the Apple retail stores - provide customers a place to try out the newest products. A hands-on approach can attract more customers who are curious about the products.  Cross-platform applications with the introduction of the iCloud. In late 2011, Apple released its iCloud offering, which is a set of free 

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