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    Canada and Bank Robberies

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    In five pages Force and Fear, Robbery in Canada by Frederick Desroche is used in a discussion of bank robberies in Canada in which questions involving robber profile, where many of these robberies occur and deterrents are also answered.

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    credit fraud, embezzlement and computer hacking. The idea of the man (or woman) in the ski mask, pushing the note toward the bewildered teller demanding a million dollars in small  bills seems to be a thing of the past. So is the idea of a masked man telling a group of people to lie on the floor and not move  until hes long gone. These, it is thought, are robberies from the old days, and they cant happen today. Or can they?  The truth is, while "physical" bank robberies involving a perpetrator actually setting foot inside a bank and cleaning out a safe of cash is becoming more and more rare in  Canada, it still does happen, and more frequently than one might think. Statistics prove that banks can be physically robbed from time to time, either by a note or by  gunpoint. Either way the end result is the same - the cash drawer is cleaned out and the robber makes off with his or her cash.  The purpose of this paper is to examine the concept of robbery and violent acts through study of Frederick Desroches book, Force and Fear, Robbery in  Canada, published in 1995 by Nelson Canada. This paper will answer some questions about bank robberies in Canada by supplying pertinent information from the book. Bank robbery and what it  is Desroches defines robbery, in general, as a crime of confrontation, one in which actual force or the threat of force is  used to take away someones money or valuables. Bank robberies are no different in this context, except that they take place on 

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