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    This 8 page paper considers the potential start up of a new car rental business. The paper outlines the business profile, performs a SWOT analysis on the business and the position it will have in the industry and then finishes with recommendations of the type of owners and some strategies that may help the business develop. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

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    business is an industry that is growing, in 2004 the market was worth $18.3 billion in the US (Euromonitor, 2005). Although it is dominated by a few suppliers these also  have high overheads and there appears to be awareness in the market that smaller suppliers can offer better deals (Stoller, 2007). Small companies have several advantages, they are able to  offer a more personalised service, they do not have the diseconomies of scale and there is a demand for good rental cars from a reliable source.  The business, Sylvesters Car rentals, to be started is a car rental business, offering rentals from 1 day up to 30 days. This is a business  type that is increasing as more consumers have driving licences and other forms of transport are less popular. The business will provide cars for both leisure drivers and business drivers,  however in the beginning it is estimated that the majority of customers will be from the leisure sector. The business will start  with a single office located in West End, benefiting from a position next to the popular Jolly Rogers Hotel. This will give the company access to the local market and  the passion near the Ferry Dock will also give local exposure to passing trade. The ranger of cars offered will vary between  small 4 door compact cars to full size a d luxury cars and 8 seat cars, initially vans will not be offered, but the business may expand into this area  if the demand develops. The position of the business will that of the middle market company competing with the use of a local image in a limited geographical area with 

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