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    This 5 page paper considers the fictitious case of Cynthia, a drug addict who made bad choices in terms of career and also in her personal decisions. Years later, after becoming addicted to heroin and finding out that she is HIV positive, decides to change her life. How should she be counseled? This paper provides suggestions. No bibliography.

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    road manager for a band. She had once aspired to go to college, and even has a relatively high I.Q., but became a drug user early in High School, something  that propelled her into the proverbial "sex, drugs and rock and roll" lifestyle. After graduation, she began touring with a band as a groupie and eventually became employed by that  same band. Ironically, she had once wanted to become involved in the military, or perhaps get involved in law enforcement. However, she would instead quickly become an outlaw. Due  to a drug and alcohol problem, Cynthia has had both legal and marital difficulties. She has been arrested several times for possession and while she is out of prison now,  her two short stints in a minimum security facility has created havoc in her family life. Her husband left her in 1992 and claimed custody of their son who was  three years old at the time. Due to her drug and alcohol problems, and lifestyle equated with her vocation, Cynthia cannot obtain joint custody and actually only sees Chad during  holiday breaks. She often sees him along with her ex-husband Jeremy who is still congenial. Cynthia has had trouble maintaining friendships. Her best friend Becky who has known her  most of her life, continues to be supportive, but has broken off much of the contact they used to share. Current contact consists of an occasion phone call, and all  of Cynthias other friends are either in the band or in the industry. There is a good friend named Trent who is not in the band, but in the business.  Cynthia sees him occasionally on the road. She views the 45 year old as both a confidante and a mentor and they have a healthy friendship. Her other relationships are 

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