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    Career Counseling For Early Retirees And Layoff

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    A 15 page paper that begins with a proposal for what a company needs to offer in terms of career counseling and development for an early retirement plan and a layoff plan for middle managers. The psychological impact on employees is included in the discussion. The proposals are specific in terms of what is being offered. Each group is discussed separately in terms of the career guidance plan and the effects on the employee. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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    age. * One months salary for each years worked at company as an incentive. * Normal retirement benefits. * Group meetings and written material to explain what the package will  provide and what the package will not provide. * Career Counseling for those who want to keep working in another occupation or business. Layoff Plan for Middle Managers: * 250  middle managers have already been determined based on needs of the company. * Severance package equal to one months salary for each year worked at the company. * Career Counseling  that will incorporate personal counseling to help deal with the emotional turbulence. This will also include exploration of the persons strengths, knowledge and skills. * Contract with outside agency for  outplacement assistance, including re-writing resume, using technology in a job search, determining what type job to apply for, exploring different industries where skills would be applicable, and help finding a  new job. Information and justification for these proposals are included on the following pages. Examples of different plans are discussed along with commonly-used criteria and content of these plans. The  objectives are to successfully help the members of each group to make the transition. Recognizing the many variables in achieving such an objective, the criterion for success will be each  employee accessing the career counseling and development program components. Each group faces different obstacles in finding a new job and each faces any number of psychological challenges. Retiring early or  being laid off is like death, it marks the end of an era or phase in the employees life. Borchard (n.d.) called layoffs "blows from a psychic sledgehammer."  Introduction Since the 1970s, massive layoffs of workers have been a frequent occurrence. It was the time of restructuring and downsizing. The situation is the same today, in the 

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