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    This 7 page paper examines a case study provided by a student. The case involves a young woman who is conflict about both career and personal life. Theories from Karen Horney and Alfred Adler are applied. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

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    a retail sales position and while she has been in school for quite some time, she has noticed that she is more tired than usual. Not only that, she has  been questioning her decision to continue with law school and feels that to some extent the endeavor is pointless. She is not sure whether or not to pursue law anymore.  This is something that bothers her a great deal as she has put in a significant amount of time and effort into her career goal. Some information about her first  family and personal life may help to shed some light on her total dilemma. Aprils background involves a strict upbringing by immigrant parents. Her father is a headmaster and  her mother stays home and does domestic work. April is one of six children. She has three brothers and two sisters; April is the second oldest child. She acknowledges that  she could never share her fears or concerns with her parents as they would not understand and are very strict. Presently, she is living with four people and has an  active social life. She seems to avoid being alone at all. Her romantic relationships have never lasted. April reports feeling overwhelmed by them and unable to pursue her own agendas  while in a committed union. Her parents have confronted her in this respect and she avoids her family because they disapprove of the fact that she is not married. In  evaluating this case study, two perspectives will be discussed. One is Alfred Adlers life goal theory and the other is Karen Horneys humanistic psychology theory. These will be utilized to  discuss Aprils career quandary and her personal life respectively. Alfred Adler suggests that there is a single driving force that is responsible for all behavior (Boeree, 2004). Adler (1998) 

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