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    Case Study Analysis Related to the Do Not Call List

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    This 5 page paper looks at a Broward county case related to a business that violated the Do Not Call dictum. While Florida law is the focus of this case, Supreme Court decisions regarding the subject are also discussed. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    national laws that prohibit unsolicited salesmen from calling. Indeed, since the national Do Not Call law was implemented, much of the disturbing calls have ceased, but not all. That is  why litigation will always be related to this topic. Also, it pays to note that while this has become popular of late, the idea of prohibiting telemarketers from calling has  been around much longer and in fact there are state laws which prohibit the practice. While some of these laws have been on the books for quite awhile, there are  still abuses. In fact, one case in Florida demonstrates why and how this is the case. In Broward County, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner was  awarded a judgment against a business for close to $65,000 due to violations in respect to the states Do Not Call law (Bronson, 2004). The carpet care company  was taken to court because of the 134 complaints lodged against it regarding the new legislation (2004). The enterprise had contacted consumers on the list and utilized a recorded message  when phones had been answered, a practice that resulted in 233 distinct violations (2004). The telephone calls started during January of 2003 and would continue until March of 2004 (2004).  Broward Circuit Judge Dorian Damoorgian made a summary judgment in respect to the business because no one went to court in order to contest the complaints (Bronson, 2004).  This case references local law. Even though there has been the creation of a do not call law on the federal level, Florida uses a state program and consumers often  access that legislation (2004). It is felt that consumers have access to the state law because they feel that the Florida statute is responsive to the complaints and 

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