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    Case Study Analysis in Criminology

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    This 3 page paper examines four theories of crime (Marxist, feminist, labeling and conflict). They are applied to a case study submitted by a student. The case involves a woman who is a drug addict. How she got that way and what to do about it is at the crux of this analysis. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    as her father was apparently an alcoholic and she herself has committed crime to support her drug habit, including prostitution. She was aligned with the "wrong crowd" in high school  and her attitude changed from positive to very negative. Eventually, she became pregnant and left school. Brenda lived with various friends and never was able to afford a place  of her own. She is a drug addict and has only held minimum wage jobs. Brendas most recent arrest could mean jail time and she is afraid of what  might happen to her children if in fact she is incarcerated. Brendas circumstances are not all that unique. Drugs plague American schools and many girls find themselves pregnant. Her story  is rather typical for an alcoholic or drug addict who has the genetic predisposition for addiction. Of course, in addition to family history, the peer environment is a large part  of the puzzle. It is noted in the case study that Brenda once had dreams. These dissipated as addiction enveloped her life. Brendas life experiences and choices are of critical  importance in explaining her crimes. Several theories are applicable here. Labeling theory suggests that people live up to their labels. In Brendas case, she became a prostitute and fulfilled her  role as a drug addict who would do anything to get a fix. Of course, labeling theory has its weaknesses in that it seems to ignore the fact that many  people are on their way to becoming criminal before the labels are fixed on them (Athens 88). Still, it is possible that Brendas criminal activity could have been quelled  had she been given positive messages and labels. Short of that-as one cannot go back in time-an appropriate responsible to Brendas activity is to stop labeling her an addict. This 

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