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    Case Study Analysis in Virtue Ethics

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    This 8 page paper relies on a case study entitled The American Girl Hostage by Robert Ladenson. The case is used along with Aristotle's ideas to reach an ethical conclusion. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    to stay home with her own children. This is the motivation of many American women. They want to earn money but find that they also want to be with their  new babies as opposed to leaving them with sitters or in daycare. Things were going well, but according to the case, Wandas husband Jack had to take a lower paying  job because he was laid off so Wandas income was becoming more important. A friend of hers has a daughter named Karen and as a favor, Wanda takes in this  extra child. Karen is no problem and her mother, Sheila, agrees to pay Wanda up front in order to fill the gap due to the downsizing of her husbands job.  It was a plan that seemed to work well. Wanda has more money as a result, and Sheila has a good place to leave her child. According to the  case, Karen brings American Girl dolls with her. These are very expensive dolls. When Sheila without warning decides to quit her own job to stay home with Karen, and ceases  to drop Karen off at the daycare, Wanda is concerned. Sheila has not given her a dime and owes Wanda two and a half weeks pay. Sheila leaves a message  on Wandas machine saying that she will pick up the dolls that evening, and a check for her services is in the mail. Jack suggests that Wanda essentially hold the  dolls hostage until the services are paid for. The question is, according to the case study: "Should Wanda keep the dolls until payment is made? Why or why not?"  The case also asks one to consider Virtue Ethics and Aristotles take on friendship. First, it is prudent to look at Aristotle and his concept of virtue ethics and friendship. 

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