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    Case Study: Building A Motivated And Committed Workforce

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    This 31 page paper first provides a 3 page research proposal for the study and then a 28 page paper that presents a case study of motivation in a travel agency. The paper begins with a Table of Contents and an Executive Summary. The Introduction provides background information on the company being studied and includes the company's goals: decrease turnover, increase employee motivation and increase revenues. The literature review proceeds a comprehensive explanation and discussion of theories of motivation. These include expectancy theory, needs hierarchy, reinforcement, goal theory and others. The next section explains the methodology for the case study – observation and employee surveys, which is followed by the results of the surveys. The writer then discuses the results and makes several recommendations based on the survey responses and the literature review. 4 Appendices are included. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

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    to determine the level of motivation and commitment among employees at a specific small company, Time 2 Travel. In other words, to evaluate employees level of commitment. 2. Determine  what employees would value in terms of increasing motivation and commitment. 3. To determine what steps to take, strategies to implement to increase motivation and productivity. Materials on  Hand: * Essential of Service Marketing, 2nd Ed by Hoffman and Bareson * Quality Management 4th Ed by Davis * Consumer Behavior by Shhifferman Primary Sources for  Study Observations and surveys Secondary Sources: Literature review to survey articles, documents, Internet sources, books. These will include research studies, theoretical papers, expert opinions. Criteria for Completion of  Report Final document with recommendations made for company based on literature review, observations and surveys. Background The company being examined is Time 2 Travel, a small full-service travel agency  located in Sydney, Australia. This ten-year old company is a partnership, owned by two women. There are 9 certified travel agents working with the owners/managers and 1 receptionist. Time 2  Travel experiences employee turnover that is too high and too costly, with two or three agents leaving each year. That is a turnover rate of 22 to 33 percent per  year. While it is not unusual for employee turnover to reach even 25 or 35 percent in a year, the current turnover is simply too costly for this agency. Furthermore,  the owners recognize the multitude of advantages gained from employee retention. The owners of Time 2 Travel believe that by increasing motivation, the goals will be met. The project will  involve hiring an outside consultant who will survey employees and determine the best strategies to implement to increase motivation, commitment and dedication. This report will help this agency meet their 

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