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    Case Study: Home Video Game Industry

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    This 4 page paper, which discusses various aspects of the home video game industry, is based entirely on a case study.

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    aspects of the industry, is based entirely on a case study. History The video game industry can be said to have started in 1968 when a young man named Nolan  Bushnell, an Ampex employee, came up with a game he called Computer Space. In hopes of bringing the game to market, he left Ampex and went to work for a  pinball manufacturer in hopes of having his game put into arcades. But when he tried to market it as a regular arcade game, he found that it was too complicated  for ordinary users-it came with a full sheet of instructions and they didnt want to spend the time learning the rules. Bushnell left Ampex and with his friend Ted Dabney,  put up $500 to start a company that would make a greatly simplified version of the game; when the name Syzygy was taken, they decided to call their new company  Atari. Bushnell, working out of his home, built the simplest game he could think of, which he called Pong. Pong was a video version of table tennis, and came  with only one instruction: if you want a high score, dont miss the ball. Bushnell installed one of his games at a tavern in Sunnyvale, California, and the first weeks  "take" was enough to convince him that he was on the right track. He was-it was the start of an entire industry. Bushnell talked a bank into giving him a  $50,000 line of credit, and he set up production of Pong in an abandoned roller rink, blaring Led Zeppelin and the Stones while his employees (who included Steve Jobs) put  the machines together. When the money ran out, a venture capitalist named Don Valentine, who could see past the rock n roll and the marijuana stench to the growth potential 

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