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    8 pages in length. Bill Kadota, a new supervisor of the Production Control section, is eager to make a good impression on the job. He is a fair and friendly boss who is concerned not only with the company's bottom line but also with the welfare of his employees. However, Kadota is forced to deal with the insubordination and poor job performance of Joe Calonico, a long-time employee who resents Kadota's authority. The writer offers a case study of the company's situation. No additional sources cited.

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    CASE STUDY: KADOTA By , For Sept. 1998 I. INTRODUCTION Bill Kadota is a new supervisor for the Production Control (PC) section. While  Kadota is new to the industry, he possesses the ability to be a good leader; it is with a great deal of pride and consideration for a job well done  that he approaches his new endeavor. Prior to jumping directly into the position, Kadota puts out a feeler for the existing personnel who will be reporting to him.  He learns that there is one worker, Joe Calonico, who was particularly friendly with the old boss and had special privileges over all others in the department. Kadota suspects  this may pose a problem with respect to the relationship between him and Calonico, but he is content to adopt a wait-and-see attitude about the situation. It becomes apparent in  a very short period of time that Calonico is going to be a discipline problem; he is a slacker and what work he does get done is often turned in  late or in poor shape. Kadota addresses the issue several times with Calonico only to be placated about making amends. It soon comes to the point where department  production is being sacrificed on account of this one persons abstinence, so Kadota, being the fair and mild-mannered person he is, attempts to befriend Calonico to help diffuse the volatile  situation. When he is met with even more hostility, Kadota decides it is time to replace Calonico. II. PROBLEM DESCRIPTION The problem this company faces is a considerable  decline in production output because of the fact that a single employee is putting his personal feelings before his work ethic. Calonico knows he holds a key position within 

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