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    Case Study: School Governance Analysis

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    A 10 page paper. Using student-supplied information about an elementary school, the writer responds to a number of questions and issues. These include: identified student performance goals, if met, how evaluated, determining if changes need to be made, reporting the data, recognizing successes, use of best practices, and what the school needs to do to improve their program. The writer suggests more training for the staff. Student test score data included. Bibliography lists 1 source.

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    26 hearing-impaired students in grades pre-kindergarten through grade 6. The kindergartens at this school are full-day. The staff includes 15 regular education classroom teachers and 9 specialists who teach art,  vocal music, instrumental music, media, technology, physical education, and remedial labs in reading, math and science. There are also 2 special education teachers who work with regular education students and  7 specialist teachers who work with the hearing-impaired students. Finally, there are two Reading Recovery Program teachers. The school has more faculty members than others its size because it is  a special research program school. The school goals for the 2001-2002 school year were identified in the School Improvement Plan and which were met included: * 2.5% increase in  the percentage of students who would score satisfactory in Language Usage at grade 3. * 3.4% increase in mathematics performance. * 12.1% increase in science performance. * 10% increase in  Social Studies performance. Goals for the 5th grade that were met included: * 7.3% increase in reading performance. * 13.7% increase in Writing performance. * 7.2% increase in Language Usage.  * 24% increase in Mathematics performance. * 2.3% increase in Science performance. * 18.9% increase in Social Studies performance. Furthermore, performance of 2nd, 4th and 6th grade for the 1999-2002  school years showed a clear upward trend. The average gains were 21%. Specifically, the 2nd grade performance soared from 21% to 46% between the 2001 and 2002 testing periods. The  4th grade averaged an overall gain of 7 percent between the same time period and the 6th grade showed an overall 3 percent increase. These are all scores as compared  to national averages. The first quarter objective was for 65 percent of all students earning a satisfactory score in Reading and Math Benchmarks. Only the 2nd grade met this 

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