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    Case Study: Suzie Creamcheese

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    3 pages in length. The writer provides a brief workup for a mentally altered woman who comes in to a facility seeking Halcyon to ward off the voices in her head.

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    committed suicide when Suzie was four years old and a father who died of chronic alcoholism-related liver disease at age thirty-four. Suzie was passed around to many relatives but  considers her aunt and uncle to be "like parents" to her. Suzie only completed her education through the eleventh grade. She has been out of the labor force  "for years" and is currently homeless. For her intake assessment, Suzie was disheveled and bizarre. Suzies presenting problem or chief complaint is her perceived need for a  Halcyon injection to "stop voices attacking" her. Upon coming in seeking help, she reports hearing voices" and believes men from Mars will rescue her. Previous treatment includes outpatient  CD, outpatient psychotherapy and inpatient psychiatric hospitalization. Suzie reports she has had many hospitalizations "over the last eight years - maybe ten year" but is not clear about where  or when. Suzie reports a very sketchy history of drug use she "cannot recall" but acknowledges the use of cigarettes, caffeine, prescription drugs and ETOH. As well, she  is unable to recall any physical health disorders or developmental disabilities. She is unable to recollect her primary care physicians name, stating she believes he has either died or  moved to Wisconsin. Suzie has received injectable Haldol at a frequency of once a month for two years (unknown start date), which she reports provided "some help I guess."  She reports she is not currently on any psychiatric or medical medications. Suzies current mental status is labile, anxious and euphoric, with her motor activity agitated and her thought process  a flight of ideas. Hallucinations are auditory and delusions are grandiose. Memory is immediate, recent and remote; judgment is severe; and speech is slowed. Suicidality and homicidality 

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