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    Case Study: Teenage Alcoholic

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    8 pages in length. The writer discusses the case of a nineteen-year-old son of an alcoholic who presents with depression, significant weight loss, tremors, poor personal hygiene, unsubstantiated fears and anxieties, irritability and combative personality. History, diagnosis, synopsis of sessions and treatment approach is discussed. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    Don has been exposed to the detrimental effects of alcoholism in a household where his father was an abusive alcoholic. His mother was unable to control the situation when  his father went on a bender, leaving her vulnerable to physical abuse and young Don defenseless against his fathers verbal - and sometimes physical - advances. Dons mother, fearful  of the threats his father made if she ever were to take her son and leave, was wholly unable to protect Don from the ravages of a raging alcoholic, a  person who - when sober - was a marginally caring father and husband to begin with. As Don grew into adolescence, he began keeping company with the school bad boys;  looking for a way to rid himself of the perpetual pain associated with his home life, it was not long before he became entangled in the comforting effects of alcohol.  The progressively downward spiral that Don was now on made him susceptible to an even greater extent for altercations with his father, a scenario that was built upon for  years until it finally reached its apex one day when seeing his drunken father looming over him brandishing a knife as he lay sleeping. Don - who was sleeping  off his own hangover - mustered what can be termed as an adrenaline rush of energy and after a brief struggle, turned the knife back on his father. III.  DIAGNOSIS Growing up the child of an alcoholic parent creates a great deal of pressure to handle home front issues at a very  young age. The various roles forced upon Don often made him assume responsibilities meant for adults; as a result, he assumed on personality traits that reflected a combination of 

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