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    Cell Phone Market in Taiwan

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    This 10 page paper examines the cell phone handset market in Taiwan. The paper looks at the way the market is segmented, the leading brands including Nokia, Motorola and BenQ. The paper considers how the handsets are marketed, performs a SWOT analysis and explores different approaches seen between the companies and between Taiwan and the US. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

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    Looking at the market many users are now at the stage where they have had a product and are at the end of its lifecycle and are making a replacement  purchase. By looking at how cell phone companies divide the market we can look at the way marketing is approached. The first division may be with consideration of  demographics. One major users group are the teenagers and the unmarried 20 something leisure users. These users have tend to be very fashion conscious, will make use of features such  as sending text messages and adopt technology quickly. They may or may not have a high level of disposable income, but are unlikely to buy top of the ranger phones  and are also likely to have little, if any brand loyalty as well as change their handsets regularly. Functions are important, but as long as the required function are present  form rather than function is more important. This is also a group that are mostly likely to be on pay as you go contracts. The main marketing for these groups  tends to be the image of the telephones and how they look, as seen with the recent Motorola campaign (Hargrave-Silk, 2004). The aim of Motorola was to compete with Nokia,  the number one brands in Taiwan which also emphasis the form as well as the function (Hargrave-Silk, 2004). The next target group has a cross over in terms of demographics,  these are users in the 18 - 30 user group. They may have been using cell phones for some time, or may be relativity new to them. Both contract telephones  and pay as you go phones may be used. The users, like the younger age group are also likely to be higher technologically proficient, and as this is a group 

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