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    Cells and the Transfer of Energy

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    In five pages cells and the transfer of energy are examined in a discussion of such topics as metabolic pathways, Adenosine triphosphate's role, and the Laws of Thermodynamics considered. Three sources are listed in the bibliography.

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    a cell. There are organelles, which are found in typical cells, these are molecules that are used to produce energy. The way these provide the fuel can be seen as  creating chemical energy; the energy of electrons of atoms (Anonymous PG). Cell require energy in order to operate, this energy and its flow is governed by physical laws, and  can be seen as influenced by the chemical reactions that happen around it, and how the organism may govern that flow (Anonymous PG). In order to understand energy flow  in cells, first we need to define what we mean by energy. There are two basic types of energy. Kinetic and potential. Kinetic energy is energy of movement or motion  such as found in a waterfall or a ball rolling down a hill. Potential energy is energy that is stored, not yet doing its work, for example the potential energy  of water behind a dam, or the energy of chemical bonds. Both of these types of energy may be found in many forms such as light, electrical energy and  chemical heat. Where there are the correct condition one form of energy may be changed into another form. This is a necessary process as natural process require different types of  energy. Without this ability of energy to change its firm life would not exist and the process is known as energy flow. The transformation or conversion process is governed  by rules, in this instance it is the Laws of Thermodynamics as it is this discipline that studies the transformation of energy. There are two laws here that are important  to the energy flow. The first law states that whatever the process of conversion is energy will be conserved (Anonymous PG). There is not a creation of energy, nor 

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