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    Changes in Parliament as a Result of the English Revolution

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    This 3 page paper examines the English Revolution and how that altered English history. Attention is paid to the shift in power between the monarchy and Parliament. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    that had its start when the king, at the time, Charles I, declared a long Parliament (2005). This war began and two wars would ensue and it would  finally culminate in a variety of things such as the execution of the king and experiments instituted by Oliver Cromwell (2005). Ultimately, King Charles II would come back (2005). It  was a tumultuous time for England. The English revolution is well known and within it, there is much that occurred. One question looms large. How did the English revolution affect  the growth and development of English Parliamentarian? First, it should be noted that Parliament is at the crux of the revolution. Obviously, there is an effect and in the end,  things would change. In order to understand the ramifications of the revolution, it pays to examine events which occurred to lead up to it. There was political conflict with  Parliament over the idea of revenue raising and in 1628, Parliament would pass something called the Petition of Rights ("The English," 2005). It is something that would requisite the approval  of any taxation imposed by the King and King Charles would adjourn Parliament and rule without the Parliament for eleven years (2005). Without Parliament, one can imagine that the rule  was significantly different. What happened was that this affected financial matters a great deal as without the support of Parliament--which represented the elite--there was a loss of money ("The English,"  2005). In 1639, there had been a rebellion in Scotland, and King Charles would prompt Parliament to get tougher and raise money for an army but it would not be  cooperative (2005). Parliament would not adjourn either and it then was constructed as defiance, something that would bring an end to the era of political maneuvering (2005). A Civil 

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