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    Chapters for Proposed Teen Pregnancy Study

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    A 4 page paper that offers suggestions for chapters in a study proposal pertain to a research intervention that is designed to promote smoking cessation in pregnant women. No bibliography is offered with this paper.

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    volunteer basis at OB/GYN clinic by healthcare practitioners. Recruitment will take several forms: active recruiting by healthcare practitioners employed at the clinic; posters and notices on available bulletin boards at  the clinic, and through the distribution of flyers/brochures to the clinic clientele. Participants will receive the intensive intervention strategy described in the treatment plan for the study protocol. Inclusion criteria  for the study will require the participants to be pregnant, a smoker, and have the ability to read and write English. The women who do not elect to be part  of the study will receive the usual standard of care. Data collection methods Health practitioners who are associated with the OB/GYN clinic will collect demographic and background data on  the participants via a questionnaire that will be administered at the participants first appointment after inclusion into the study. The educational intervention will begin at this point as women in  the study will be allocated additional time with their healthcare provider so that the educational materials prepared by the researcher for the study can be presented. In addition to  intensive counseling sessions with their healthcare providers, the study protocol also calls for counseling group session in order to offer the women a strong social support network that can support  them emotional and psychologically in their efforts to quit smoking. These sessions will also include the presentation and reinforcement of educational material, which is intended to ensure that the relevant  facts about smoking and pregnancy are thoroughly assimilated by the participants. Therefore, all focus group and counseling sessions will be audio taped and transcribed in order to provide a record  for analysis of this qualitative part of the study protocol. As it appears, to this writer/tutor, that the student has included both quantitative and qualitative features in the study 

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