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    Chaucer’s The Franklin’s Tale and the Film Indecent Proposal

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    A 5 page paper which compares and contrasts Chaucer’s The Franklin’s Tale, from Canterbury Tales, with the film Indecent Proposal. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    written hundreds of years ago the stories are still timely, humorous, and meaningful. In one tale, the Franklins Tale there is a story about a husband and wife and another  man who propositions the wife. The following paper compares and contrasts the story to the film Indecent Proposal (1993). Chaucers The Franklins Tale and the Film Indecent Proposal As  mentioned, the story of the Franklins Tale is one concerning a husband and wife. The husband and wife are described as being equals, much like a modern couple it would  seem. The narrator states, "If theyd be friends and long keep company/ Love will not be constrained by mastery;/ Women by nature love their liberty...And so do men, if say  the truth I shall" (Chaucer). The couple was very deeply in love, and they were equals, caring and sharing with one another. In short, it seems their relationship was likely  perfect. In the film Indecent Proposal the husband and wife are also equals. They were somewhat average, both working and both sharing their dreams, primarily a dream of owning  some property where the husband could construct the home he had designed. They were working together, towards a common goal, and as a modern couple were equals. In this respect  these stories are both very similar for the couple love one another and share their lives in a very equal and meaningful manner. In Chaucers story the husband must  go away and the wife is left behind, fearful that her husband will surely die if he tries to come back, on the sea, to the rocks and cliffs. There  is a man who desires her and she tells him that if he can save her husband he can ultimately have whatever he wants. He tells her that if he 

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