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    This 10 page paper looks at a case study supplied by the student. A new company; Checkprint Ltd is formed as the result of a buyout form a large American corporation. This paper looks at the development of that company and how the company and the managing director may be seen as fitting in with the idea of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial culture. The bibliography cites 13 sources.

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    the first few years, but still faced change. This has resulted in a hybrid approach that sees many of the traits usually observed in larger companies projected to the outside,  but internally there are also many of the characteristics of entrepreneurship at corporate level and with Martin Ruda. Full Text Part 1 CPL was a new firm,  but as a management buy out from D-UK the same development process as seen in many entrepreneurial firms was not seen to emerge in the same way. The company started  out as part of a large American corporation, but with the buy out this backing was lost and the company were operating alone. The company soon discovered that there was  the need to act as a big company with the backing, even though this was not the case, as this was the needed attitude dealing with B Bank and N  Bank. There were also some ongoing agreements with the former parent company that had owned D-UK. D-US who owned the equipment and  the premises leases these to the company, the lease for the equipment was due to end in 1999 and there was an agreement to allow for the purchase of the  premises and attached land. From this perspective and the backing from the silent partner SF this may not have had the traditional entrepreneurial structure that is found to drive forward  innovation and development. It is also noted that this also meant there was an existing culture, which would not have been an entrepreneurial culture.  It may be argued that were a from starts from scratch there is the development of an entrepreneurial cultures as a part of the process, with the 

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