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    Chiropractic Office Expands Through Internet: Proposal

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    A 15 page paper that presents a proposal directed to investors. In this proposal a group of chiropractors have decided to market their services Online by developing a Web site. The paper includes an executive summary; company overview; market comparison; marketing plan; management plan; data comparing average number of patients to the base for these chiropractors; costs for establishing and maintaining the Web site; obstacles and opportunities, including research; initial plan; action plan and offerings to the investor. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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    very competitive environment, which is a fact that most chiropractors have been able to work within. However, when Medicare changed its benefits, the chiropractors in this alliance suffered an almost  20 percent decrease in their patient base. They need to promote their services in the most cost-effective manner and having a Web site will fill this need and accomplish  the goal. First Chiropractic is an alliance of 15 individual, independent chiropractors in Northern California. Each has practiced at least five years and each already has a patient base.  In this proposal, the group explains why they need to seek funds and the group also demonstrates that they have done their "homework," i.e., they have investigated and researched the  benefits of having a Web site in the service industry. This document includes information regarding the market and industry. It also provides justification for developing a Web site and  an action plan to do so. Finally, the proposal includes the amount of funds being requested and an offer to the investor(s) who provide those funds. Proposal This proposal  has to do with expanding an existing health care business, First Chiropractic, by establishing a Web site. The proposal is submitted by an alliance of 15 individual chiropractic offices  in Northern California. The purpose of the proposal is to seek expansion funds to establish and maintain the Web site. Company Overview First Chiropractic is an alliance  of 15 separate chiropractic offices located in Northern California. Each office is independently owned. In fact, each of the chiropractors involved in this alliance had their own client base for  years prior to entering into this alliance. The purpose of the alliance is for advertising and marketing efforts only. The alliance was first established in 1996 by five 

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