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    Cognitive Behavior Therapy - Case Study

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    This 9 page paper is a follow-up to PGcbtcspn.rtf. In this paper, the writer includes the script of an intake interview that is more in line with the cognitive behavior therapy approach. The writer still analyzes the script and points out statements by the counselor that were good and others that could have been better. The writer also comments on what contextual information was not explored due to time limitations. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    Ill sit over here. Client: sighs and takes a seat." Counselor: John, have you ever been to counseling before? Client: No, no not at all, I mean I never had  a problem like this before. Counselor: What kind of problem is that? Client: Before I tell you that, can I ask a question? Counselor: Of course. Client: Will you call  my boss and tell him Im seeing you? Counselor: No, everything you say in here stays in here. I will not call your boss. I should tell you there is  an exception, Im required to inform the officials if you were thinking of harming yourself or someone else. Otherwise, everything you say is privileged. Client: Ok, that sounds fine. Counselor:  John, you said youve never had a problem like this before. Could you tell me what the problem is? Client: Well, I dont really know how to explain it.  I started a new job, and well, there seems to be so much pressure on me. I dont think I can take all of the pressure; sometimes it gets so  bad I start hyperventilating and lose sight of where I am. Counselor: Ok. Are you having any other physical symptoms besides hyperventilating? Client: My hands will shake and  I feel like everything is closing in on me. My palms get sweaty and I cant think straight. I am struggling to sleep at night and I sometimes feel like  my heart is pounding so hard that I might have heart complaints. Counselor: So, you are sometimes hyperventilating, you get sweaty palms, your hands shake, you cannot sleep at night,  your heart is pounding so hard you feel like you might have a heart attack. Are there any other physical symptoms besides those that you can think of right now? 

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