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    This 5 page paper is an argumentative essay which asserts that college football players are not receiving a quality education overall. This paper discusses the reasons why this happens and the significance both to the players and to society in general. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    student even more heavily focused on their sports due to the possible consequences of losing their scholarship. Because of this, college football players often suffer academically. The  time and effort which their sport requires allows little time left for studying and classes. This presents a real problem in the educational system and one which must be  addressed. However, before solutions can be presented it is important to understand the problem and its scope. College Football Players Suffer Academically  The time commitment of a college football player is likened to a full-time job which thousands of players line up for every year (What Do College Coaches Look  For in Players? 2002). The next logical question is, how can a college football player succeed academically with such a rigorous and physical agenda.  How many college football players does it take to change a light bulb? Only one, but he gets three hours of credit for  it. Many people in todays society expect little more from student-athletes than dunks and touchdowns. We laugh at jokes like this, then criticize universities for producing students who are  better players than readers. Its a dilemma, with both athletes and institutions caught in the middle (Major Violation: The Unbalanced Priorities in Athletics and Academics, 2002).  The commitment of college football is a huge one. Many players go to certain schools because they have been offered a sports scholarship.  This makes it even harder for them to not make athletics their number one priority because if they dont play well, then the money comes to an end too. 

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