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    Colonial Latin America and Social Hierarchies

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    In six pages this paper examines colonial Latin America's class, ethnic, and gender social hierarchies. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    independent nations, the entire area covered includes those nations of the Americas or the "New World" that were strongly influenced, in some cases created, as a result of the imperialism  of the Spanish, the Portuguese, and the French. Due to the fact that each of those European powers used languages derived from Latin, the designation "Latin America" was contrived to  name the Spanish dominated areas of Mexico, Central and South America, while the French and Dutch influence was the strongest and most long-lasting in the Caribbean. Today, the  processes associated with Latin Americas increased involvement in the economic globalization of the past decade has significantly changed the nations of Latin America. As elsewhere in the world, the  workers, business owners, and elected officials of Latin America have experienced massive changes. However, in many ways the changes brought about by the 20th and 21st centuries have had a  particular and unique impact on many nations of Latin America because of those nations history and experience of colonialism. Numerous aspects of daily life that are based on social hierarchies  established centuries ago face both challenges and opportunities of the new factors that are shaping Latin America society as surely as the imperialism of the past 500 years. Social  Hierarchy The social histories of nations throughout Latin America provide important insights on the intricate nature of political and cultural groups of a colonial society. As a result, those insights  contribute substantially to the reexamination of relationships of power and popular culture in colonial Latin America and the study of the political and cultural influences in the everyday lives of  ordinary people. Society in most of the colonies established in the southern realms of the "New World" was highly stratified, not only through different degrees of wealth and 

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