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    Colonial Peru and the Short Story 'Rosa's Day'

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    In five pages this paper presents an original short story that features colonial Peru and a typical day's experiences of young Rosa. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    addition to her regular chores, it was a day when she had asked her mother if it she would be allowed to take over some food to her friend Maria  at the convent. Usually she would not be able to talk to the women and the children at the convent but since the Bourbons had stopped the censos through the  convent, the Santa Clara nuns were thankful for any extra food or money they could obtain (Twinam, 2001). The convent was behind the Church across the village square but Rosa  was careful in her approach. Carefully guarding her satchel of food, she made her way around the outside of the square which was used for the public festivals while at  the same time not intruding into the areas of the houses along side of the square. The villagers and their relations were very much divided between their public life and  private lives. Rosa had only ever been inside the houses of her close relatives and even then that only comprised of the houses of her two uncles as her grandparents  and sisters and all still lived at home (Bourque, 1994). The village had many spatial divisions which Rosa and the others observed: there were the divisions which existed between public  and private places; the divisions which existed between regular days and festive days; the divisions which existed between the village and the peripheral paramo (moor), jungle, and fields; the divisions  which existed between the ground and cielo (sky or heaven); the divisions which existed between the Spaniards and the villagers; and the divisions which existed between the sun and the  moon. For Rosa, she enjoyed the entities of the sun and the moon which were male and female as the most comforting next to those which were observed in the 

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