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    Combat Stories: An Interview With A World War II Medic

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    An 8 page research paper that recounts what World War II was like for the medics that served the front lines. Told in the form of an interview with a World War II veteran, the writer relates war stories gained from research done in this area. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    like Eddie, another 75-year-old World War II veteran. "Well, come on in then, and sit a spell. I can tell you about WWII. Seems like I can remember it better  then I can last week, if you know what I mean?" I nod and say that I do. It takes very few questions to jump start Eddies memory. Its clear  that this time is engraved indelibly on his psyche despite the passage of over 50 years. At the tender age of 18, Eddie was a private with the 4th  Division. Interviewer: What were your duties? Eddie: Well, much as everybody hated Germans back then, me included, I couldnt see myself actually killing anybody. Just knew I couldnt do  it, so I volunteered to be in the Medical Corps. I was a medic. I: Really? Did that entail a lot of medical training? E: Not much. Not really.  Although I got pretty good at first aid before the war was over. Wed find em, give a shot of morphine, do what had to be done, and drag em  back behind the lines. I: What do you mean do what had to be done? E: You sure you want to hear this, young lady? (I nod, encouragingly, I  hope.) Well, say the fella had an arm or a leg that was , well, missing. Id slap on a tourniquet on what was left, sprinkle the stump with sulfa  powder, then bandage it and start dragging the guy back to safety. I: Wow, did many survive that sort of treatment? More then youd think. There was a saying  that it was against Army regulations to die in the aid station. Generally, if me and the other medics could get em back to the aid station, they had a 

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