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    Communication in the Film “Crash”

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    This 6 page paper discusses examples of communication in the film “Crash,” including verbal and non-verbal communication, and power and conflict. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    its a "monstrosity" that is illogical and yet predicable; it apparently drove him into a frenzy. This paper analyzes the communication (or lack thereof) in the film. Discussion The entire  topic of the film is communication, how important it is, and how often we fail to reach each other on any meaningful level. The movie is set in Los Angeles,  with its mix of cultures. Director Paul Haggis uses black, white, Latino and Asian characters, among others, to illustrate the fact that the city is a "melting pot," and that  Angelenos dont so much communicate as "crash" into each other, in some cases literally. The inspiration for the movie came from a real life incident. Haggis and his wife were  mugged by two young black men at gunpoint outside a video rental store (Haggis). They were terrified, but the incident had a bizarre twist: not only did the men steal  their car, they held them at gunpoint and grabbed the film-an obscure Finnish or Norwegian effort-as part of the mugging (Haggis). Then they leapt into the Haggiss car and left,  leaving Paul Haggis relieved and with a desire to laugh (Haggis). He speculates that perhaps the two had been trying to rent that film for years, and since it was  never in, they finally lost it when he got the only copy (Haggis). His tongue-in-cheek explanation is only part of the story. Whats much more intriguing is the fact that  he couldnt let it go. Ten years passed, and he was still waking up in the middle of the night, wondering about the two thieves (Haggis). Fear had given way  to anger, and anger to curiosity: "Who were these guys? Did they think of themselves as criminals? What did they care about, laugh about? How had this incident affected their 

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