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    Communism's Global Success and Failure

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    In seven pages this paper discusses the global success of Communism and the reasons that led to its decline in the Soviet Union. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    only half drawn. Since the beginning of the 1800s Russia has undergone some tremendous changes, changes that are still ongoing, it can be said. Communism has been shown to be  a total failure as a human social experiment, yet in some ways, communism did have some positive side effects for Russia. Today, even though most would tend to agree that  communism is highly unfavorable to human rights, it would appear that on several fronts, as evidenced by India and China, communism has managed to make itself a global entity. In  the final analysis, however, given historical precedent it is evident that for the onset of the twenty-first century, democracy still offers the best life for its citizens. The total idea  of communism, it may be said, looks very good on paper and it appears to be a very sound philosophy until it is applied to the human model. Marxs ideas  maintained that progress for a country depended on the ability of that society to understand what really made an economy, and thus, a country work. He believed that  the origins of wealth were birthed from social conflict. Specifically, Marx argued that the working-class of Germany had become the ideal vehicle for social revolution because of the loss of  humanity it had suffered as a result of the industrialization of the German economy(Marx, 49). However, it can be stated that the seeds for revolution and reform also carried along  its own cause for destruction. At its very core, Marxism, assumes that conflict and strife will be a part of the human condition and is inevitable in the industrialized world.  This outlook on life assumed that the workers would be alienated from the work that they did and that mankind would become slaves to their own power to make money. 

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