• Community Assessment - Area Surrounding Leisureworld O'Connor Gate

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    This 8 page paper describes how to do a community assessment, and then applies that methodology to the area around Leisureworld at O'Connor Gate in Toronto. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    will be serving. A community assessment is an invaluable tool for providing that information. This paper describes how to do a community assessment, and then applies that methodology to the  area around Leisureworld at OConnor Gate in Toronto. Community Assessment The idea behind a community assessment is to find out about the people who live in a given area and  who might need the services of a health care provider. The information is relevant in many ways: it can help determine if the staff will be safe in the  area; and whether there will be a greater need for a maternity wing or a geriatric ward. A community assessment can be done either by someone who lives in  the community, or by an "outsider"; if the latter, it will be necessary for the assessment team to become familiar with the neighborhood, so that they arent seen as "interlopers"  but as people who can be trusted (Vollman, Anderson, and McFarlane, 2004). It will take time to build the trust of the community, but there are ways to facilitate the  process (Vollman, Anderson, and McFarlane, 2004). The authors suggest five means by which those taking the survey can gain the support of the community: 1) As a spokesman, select a  person or agency that already has a relationship with the community; 2) "Make contact with the formal community leaders"; 3) Remain visible and available in the community; 4) Relate to  people in open, honest, non-threatening ways; and 5) Remain in touch with the community to let people know whats going on (Vollman, Anderson, and McFarlane, 2004, p. 205). The  survey team has to decide if they are just going to observe the community or be part of it; if they are going to join in, they will probably be 

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