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    Comparison of British Airways and American Airlines

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    A 13 page paper comparing financial results and ratio analyses of these two leading airlines. The paper assesses some of the external factors affecting both airlines, concluding that it is American Airlines that currently is most vulnerable. The paper includes SWOT analyses of both airlines, as well as several financial ratios and calculations arriving at those ratios. The paper also identifies the stakeholders in each approach to financial analysis. Includes 1 table. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

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    Before September 11, 2001, the phrase, "the shot heard around the world" could be depended on to be made in reference to the battle at Lexington and Concord  that started the US Revolutionary War. Though far more than only a shot, the terrorist attacks of that black day set off a chain reaction of events that even  the terrorists planning the attacks could not have envisioned. Aside from the loss of life and loss of all sense of security, the terrorist attacks let loose the recession  that the US economy and the entire travel and tourism industry had been working feverishly to avoid. With all fights over US airspace  grounded for several days, all airlines based in or serving the US were directly and adversely affected by the short-term ban on air travel. When the official ban was  lifted, travelers were loathe to resume their travels as though nothing had happened. The US economy had been teetering on the brink of  "correction" for some time, but until the day of the attacks had been able to avoid sliding into direct and unmistakable recession. The effects on air travel pushed the  teetering economy right over the brink, taking literally the worlds travel and tourism industry right with it. All major travel destinations were adversely affected by the aftermath of the  terrorist attacks. Effects on Airlines Of course American Airlines was one of the airlines targeted in the attacks, presumably because of its name.  Its losses were substantial and immediate. Though British Airways was not directly involved in the attacks, it too suffered the effects of their aftermath. All of the 

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