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    Comparison of Two Methods of Electricity Production - Coal and Hydro

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    This 8 page paper compares and contrasts two different methods of generating electricity; coal fired electric power and hydroelectricity. Each is defined and the processes described, along with relevant areas of consideration, such as general usage and environmental factors. The bibliography cites 11 sources.

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    used different resources as a single system, or source would not provide the supply needed. There are commonalities in the way that electricity is generated, but there are also some  important differences. The basic concept of electricity production results in water being heated to create steam, the steam then rotates large turbines; in turn the turbines will run a generator  which creates an electric current. However, the way in which this occurs, the resources needed the outputs of the system and the risk or perceived risks that are associated with  the different methods of power generation. Coal powered electricity generation is the most common method of producing electricity and is expected to remain the dominant electricity generation method, although  the rate of increase is expected to decelerate (Sims et al., 2003). In 1971 the total global elelctgricy produced from coal amounted to 2,100 TWh/yr, this has increased steadily, by  1995 it was 4,949 TWh/yr, in 2000 this increased to 5,759 TWh/yr, it was projected that the 2010 total coal generated electricity would amount to 7,795 TWh/yr and in 2020  increasing to 10,296 TWh/yr (Sims, 2003). This is a method that is found in most countries, with a greater reliance on this older technology by the developing countries. For example,  While it is estimated that the coal accounts for about 41% of the global electricity production, it accounts for 63.4% in China (Fernandes, et al, 2007). The attraction of  coal-fired electricity generation result of long-established and relatively simple technology which makes it easy to access in terms of knowledge and cost, especially for developing countries, as well as easy  access to the resources required as the ongoing input. It is also a relatively low-cost technology in terms of acquisition and operation (OECD 1998). To appreciate the process of coal-fired 

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