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    A nine page paper which looks at two research studies concerned with the way in which stress and resultant high blood pressure affect Black people, and the different aims and methodologies of the two studies in terms of the quantitative and qualitative approach, the way the which the studies can be used in juxtaposition to provide an overview of the problem, and the applications which they have in the fields of health care and social issues.

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    The two articles which are available for assessment are concerned with similar topics, in that both deal with ways of measuring stress particularly amongst Black caregivers.  This is an important topic for a number of reasons, and one which the research studies address in different ways. In the first place, it has been noted in previous  research that stress, worry and anger can have a significant  The two studies look at quantitative and qualitative methods of measuring stress levels and looking at the causes of stress  and worry, and how they relate to physiological changes. This is seen by the researchers are having particular importance for Black women, for several reasons. In many cases, women in  Black communities are the primary caregivers, and this leads to an increased level of responsibility whether caring for children or for the elderly. It is, therefore, obviously relevant to both  the caregivers themselves and their charges to look at the causes of stress and the ways in which it might be alleviated.  At the same time, it is also the case that Black women  may suffer from other elements of social disadvantage, such as the effects of racism, which will also be contributory factor to an increase in levels of stress in a way  which is not found in other socio-ethnic groups. Previous studies have also noted that, in general, Black people are at greater risk of cardio-vascular problems such as hypertension than are 

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