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    Computer Use in General Education and in the Pre-K Level: A Research Proposal: Chapter One

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    This 20 page paper provides the first chapte rofa research proposal. This paper looks specifically at the role of computer use in general education and in Pre-K education. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    argued that the earlier students are exposed to computer learning models, the earlier they will develop the necessary skills to demonstrate true academic achievement (See Eng, 1994). Other theorists  have questioned the necessity for computer-based educational models at all, arguing that the application of learned technologies across curriculum has not been demonstrated in existing studies (Peha, 1995). In  the midst of questions regarding the application of computer-based learning models, a number of theorists have supported the integration of computer learning in early childhood programs, including kindergarten and pre-kindergarten  education. Though microcomputers entered the educational scene some 15 years ago, some public schools still have not integrated computer-based learning systems in their educational model. Educational strategists have  argued that the reasons behind this lag are related to funding, bureaucratic procedures, confusion about standards, and the call for continued study of the impacts for learner outcomes (Hughes, 1996).  Even so, many public schools have demonstrated the benefits of applying computer technologies to learning models across curriculum. Until recently, the integration of computer technology into non-computer courses  had not been a priority in the public schools (Rehmel, 1998). But the explosion of computer technology and the use of computer-mediated communications systems have resulted in a new  perspective on the value of computer-based learning and the knowledge that can be conveyed across disciplines (Rehmel, 1998). Computers are now being applied to a wide range of educational  models and varied subjects (Rehmel, 1998). An extension of this new focus is the call for an assessment of current applications of computer technology in different grade levels and  an understanding of both the benefits and disadvantages of applying technology in non-computer classrooms. Statement of the Problem There is no doubt that computer integration in the 

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