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    Connection Between Language and Dance

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    In seven pages this paper discusses the cultural connection between language and dance. Eight sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    solely upon verbal exchange; however, when dance is brought into the mix, that communication barrier is soon removed. It can readily be argued that dance is one of very  few entities that possesses a universal appeal, no matter what language it addresses. As one of the most recognizable of all symbols -- which is defined as an "aesthetic  device or a sign used to convey information visually, thus saving time, eliminating language barriers, or overcoming illiteracy" (Anonymous, 1998, p. PG). -- dance has proven its ability to break  the barrier between languages. The fact that language erects a significant communication barrier is quite easy to understand; with the dozens of various tongues spoken around the world, it does  not take much comprehension to accept this argument. Because this barrier exists, it is not a simple task to express oneself to a person of a different heritage by  utilizing speech alone. That is why dance represents the ultimate method for breaking these barriers of language, in that it transcends the very boundaries that are inherent to communication  breakdown. Indeed, the intrinsic expression connected to dance is, in and of itself, the most defiant aspect of its symbolist tendencies; without uttering but a single word, dance is  able to communicate to all who partake of it, no matter their origin. "Nobody says you cant have dance without language, in the way that many people say you  cant have dance without music. On the other hand, nobody says that dance is a form of music, unless they mean it as a metaphor. But it is  common to say that dance is a form of language and mean it - or think one means it. At the least ambitious level, what is mean is that 

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