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    Connection Between Mood and Exercise

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    In five pages this paper examines endorphins and serotonin in this overview of scientific research on the relationship between mood and exercise. Four sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    There is what is called a runners high and it is a desirable state of mind. When a person exercises, the body emits natural mood enhancers which are called endorphins  (Mueller, 2002). The endorphins are released into the bloodstream and many scientists believe it is the endorphins that raise ones spirits, improves self-esteem and avert depression (2002). Many exercises  seem to be conducive to mood enhancement. For example, yoga positions can improve an individuals mood by moving energy through places in the body where feelings of anger and grief  are stored (2002). There are many types of exercise one can engage in from yoga to the more vigorous step aerobics to bicycling to jogging. Some people may engage in  physical activity for hours every day while others may only exercise for twenty minutes per day and still enjoy a psychological boost. In fact, even exercising for a short  time each day can help to improve mood, and this has been demonstrated by a pilot study of female college students ("Short Periods," 2001). Important evidence comes from one study  where fourteen participants had engaged in one of four activities including pedaling at a moderate pace or sitting quietly for thirty minutes (2001). All would wear heart monitors and were  instructed to maintain a target heart rate by pedaling at a particular speed (2001). A mood questionnaire was administered prior to each test and it appears that even ten minutes  of moderate exercise was enough to improve overall mood and also to combat fatigue(2001). In fact, it made no difference whether or not a person exercised for ten, twenty or  thirty minutes as the mood would improve at the same rate (2001). This study is important for designing exercise programs as if one wants a boost in mood, they need 

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