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    Cons Of Animal Testing

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    7 pages in length. The writer provides a research proposal and extended report pertaining to the cons of animal testing. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    - in todays ultra-conscientious society - are barbaric and wholly unnecessary. II. PROBLEM Much of the animal testing occurring in the twenty-first century has been undertaken again and again  with the same results; because the outcome is predictable, a precedent has been set and no further testing is necessary, however, companies continue to conduct such inhumane and redundant trials  as the Draize test that fail to recognize the needless suffering animal endure because of mans ignorance. What exists at the core of continued testing is how human beings  are incapable of associating animals as living, breathing, sentient beings entitled to a life free of pain and suffering. III. PURPOSE The purpose of this research paper is  to illustrate how mankind has deceived its furry, finned and scaled friends by its disgraceful disregard for their basic rights as living beings. Nowhere is it written that humans,  while perhaps the most developed of all species, are the rulers over their non-speaking counterparts. Whether or not a person believes animals have the same rights as humans is  not the issue: The issue is that animals have the same innate right to a life free of pain, suffering and exploitation from testing as man does, regardless if they  are lower on the life chain. IV. SIGNIFICANCE OF RESEARCH The significance of this research is to illustrate how those who condone  testing and believe animals do not have rights inherent to their existence are those who also believe humans are the superior species. This arrogance toward the rest of the  animal kingdom has done nothing but threaten mans very own existence, given the fact that myriad species have already been destroyed through his speciesism. Indeed, there are those who 

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