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    Constructing and Implementing a Call Center at University Healthcare

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    A 12 page paper presenting an overview of an IT project at a teaching hospital. The paper includes a Project Proposal, Project Scope, Communication Plan, Project Schedule and a Risk Management Plan. The project is expected to require six months to complete; the shortened time results from the use of voice over IP (VoIP) as a central feature of the final system. A call center project such as this one required many months and even into several years to complete in the early days of caller ID. Design and implementation of a web-based system using VoIP dramatically reduces design, build and test time. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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    University Healthcare is the teaching hospital of the University of Tennessee and as such serves a wide range of healthcare needs. The outpatient  ambulatory orthopedic surgical clinic is one of the services that University Healthcare offers the community, and the community responds with its needs. In an average month the clinics healthcare  providers will see 500 patients. University Healthcare faces the same human and financial restraints with which most university hospitals struggle, and at times  the realities of staffing and budgetary constraints negatively affect patient service. Though certainly every patient receives more than only adequate medical attention, those trying to reach the clinic by  telephone often are greeted with long waiting times. Human workers occasionally lose messages, and there is no record of the telephone call once it terminates. The proposed solution  is to implement a clinic call center. Scope of the Project The current system provides a menu from which callers choose according to  the purpose for their call. Selecting option 1 takes the caller to the appointment desk; option 2 is for requesting referrals. Other options route the caller to the  nurse desk or to another location for prescription refill. Messages are recorded on paper message pads, after which the message is placed in the proper location on a revolving  message carousel. Staff members pick up their messages when it is convenient for them. In the call center environment, callers still will  need to make menu choices so their calls can be routed to the proper response area. From that point on, there will be an electronic record of the call. 

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