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    Controversial Camille Paglia

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    In six pages this paper considers the feminist icon Camille Paglia in terms of the controversy and strong passions both for and against she inspires. Four sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    As a humanities and media studies professor at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Paglia is known for her remarkable intellect, her scathing criticism, and her outspokenness. She does  not hesitate to criticize and editorialize on topics with as wide of a range as current art installations to the depiction of Italian Americans in the hit television show "The  Sopranos" to date rape. She makes it clear that she has an opinion on virtually everything and if she does not have an opinion on something, it is clearly beneath  her notice. In her tirades against feminist puritans and academic stagnation, she generates reactions which are never indifferent and generally as diverse as her own opinions. She has been both  adored and vilified. A Life Story Paglia is the daughter of Italian immigrants. Duffy (1992) explains that her father was a French professor at Le Moyne College in  Syracuse, and that he taught young Camille "to pursue goals aggressively. Today the daughter says ruefully, He created a monster he couldnt control" (pp. 62). As a child, she was  fascinated by popular culture, along with a passion for ancient Egypt and Amelia Earhart (pp. 62). Duffy again quotes her as saying: "Egypt and Hollywood were equivalent phenomena to me,  equally rich and fabulous" (pp. 62). As a young teenager she had her first experience of being an outsider in terms of how she fit in with those around her.  Duffy explains that Paglia watched the pretty blond girls in her school develop into "bland, cliquish sorority queens" (pp. 62) leaving her to her tomboy and ambitious ways.  She went on to college at the State University of New York, Binghamton and graduated as class valedictorian in 1968 (pp. 62). She was thrilled with the excitement and determinations 

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