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    Crack Cocaine and Young African American Women: A Proposal for the Alleviation of One of the Most Serious Social Barriers to Success

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    A 7 page discussion of the problems inherent in the black community in regard to crack dependent pregnant females. This paper suggests that the provision of viable options in terms of living arrangements for those mothers can significantly reduce their dependency and that of their babies. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    Abstract An overview of the contention that young African Americans face a number of societal barriers which make their successful transition away from  the horrors and atrocities of poverty and crime infested-living situations difficult. Two of the most disturbing barriers today are teenage pregnancies and drug use. When a young woman  succumbs to both simultaneously she not only sets herself up for failure but also sets up her unborn infant for that same failure. Activities such as these lead to  a number of health complications and in some cases can lead to either voluntary or involuntary death. Because of the serious threats which are currently in place for both  adolescents in general and for society as a whole it has become a national priority to address methods which can be employed to reduce the major health risks which confront  our adolescent population. To solve this problem is going to take years of work and resources. While we are contemplating an approach, however, thousands of crack-addicted infants are  brought into the world each day. Although the issue of teen pregnancy must also be addressed, the most immediate problem which must be addressed is how to ensure that  the children of these pregnancies are not the victims of one of the most dangerous drugs in existence, crack cocaine. This paper suggests that the means of accomplishing this  is the provision of alternative living operations for crack addicted mothers. Introduction The utilization of  crack cocaine among pregnant young women is a phenomena which appears to be increasing at a substantial rate. Health care workers and social service workers have noted that this 

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