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    This 62 page paper is an examination of the way that creativity and innovation take place in the commercial environment with a special focus in information technology. The paper presents an introduction and an aims and objective section before defining what is meant by creativity and innovation and examining the way that it can and does take place constraints and influences and the way it is managed comparing theory to reality. A research methodology using two case studies is presented and a conclusion presented. The bibliography cites 46 sources.

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    Japan 33 4.4 A Model for Creativity and Innovation 41 5. Methodology 47 6. Case Studies 52 6.1 Xerox 53 6.2 Virtual Private Networks 60 7. Conclusion 63 References 65 1. Introduction Creativity and innovation has been essential to the development of  mankind, evolution has depending on the way that development have taken place. Leaps in understanding and knowledge are seen throughout history, from the thinking of Socrates to the designs of  Leonardo Da Vinci to James Watts steam engine upon which the industrial revolution relied. Today there is a new revolution, lead by computers which are also the result as  well as aiding creativity and innovation. Before the computer existed and prior to the internet the ideas of such machines and connection were alien. For some this leap into the  unknown in an unpredictable manner is the key to defining what creativity is, a process that does not follow an evolutionary path (Gabora, 2005). For other creativity can be seen  as a logical progression, the result of a series of smaller decision and ideas that lead the creative person in a new direction as a result of the evolution and  decision making in thought (Campbell, 1960). The use of creativity and innovations drives forward many aspects of modern life, the invention of the sticky post it notes ma be  seen as the creative use of an research project that initially had the aim of developing a new strong type of glue and it is well known that Viagra is  not now used for the initial research idea to treat heart patients. These may be seen as creative used of resources and innovations. Other developments have been more dedicated and  singular, created with a single purpose in mind. Commercial organizations may be argued as relying on creativity to gain competitive advantages and 

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