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    Crime Studies in Critical View

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    Operationalization and proper method are the sources for this critical analysis of two crime studies. This paper has seven pages and two sources are listed in the bibliography.

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    operationalism and observation, in which these theories have been changed into something measurable. Well also examine how the theories were measured and tested, and then conclude our analysis with whether  the theory was adequately supported. Social Disorder: Examining Neighborhood Attachment Stressors In Rachel Woldoffs study, "The Effects of Local Stressors on Neighborhood  Attachment," Woldoff believes that stressors - in other words, negative conditions such as crime or victimization - dont in any way diminish a persons attachment to his/her neighborhood (Woldoff, 2002).  This flies in the face of much of the research that has determined that social disorder, does have the most widespread negative impact on different types of neighborhood attachment (Woldoff,  2002). Woldoff argues that the common assumption that social disorder triggers community detachment is, in her words, "imprecise and overstated" (Woldoff, 2002).  Her belief is that past neighborhood attachment research has relied on somewhat simplistic theories, contextual data and analysis of restricted local stressors (Woldoff, 2002).  Woldoffs method of operationalization was to study indicators of various problems from a cross-section of urban neighborhoods in Nashville Tennessee (Woldoff, 2002). By using this approach she noted,  she was able to 1) measure neighborhood attachment as a multidimensional, as opposed to a more simplified theory; 2) consider a broad sets of stressors than those that had been  routinely studied in the past; and 3) examine residents subjective thoughts and behaviors, rather than focusing on more objective data (Woldoff, 2002). "This focused departs from much of the  previous neighborhoods stress research that has examined the consequences and all of only contacts to old neighborhood characteristics, such as the crime rate or racial composition of the area," Woldoff 

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