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    Crime and Drugs; A Research Proposal to Gain More Support for Recovery Programs

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    This 21 page paper examines the relationship between drugs and crime. The paper stars by looking at the background to the research conducts an in-depth literature review and defines a methodology that can be used with or without primary research taking place and suggests how primary reseach may be conducted. The bibliography cites 13 sources.

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    overcome their past and help them to avoid any further offences. There are may influences on how an indicial will or may commit a crime, one issue is that if  the presence of a drug addiction of drug habit. The link between this as well as other issues such as health were the motivation behind the Anti-Drug Abuse Act  of 1986 which focused on education to prevent habits forming (Licciardone, 2003). By the time someone is addicted to drugs the social view has often changed, often complying with one  of several stereotypes; either the down and out drug addict, dirty and unwashed, or possibility the spoiled teenager who has not morals and is selfish. In all cases drug addicts  are seen as having an addiction of choice, it was their choice to take drugs and for those who have never suffered an addiction it is their choice to carry  on taking drugs. Unlike alcoholism there is less support for those who want to overcome their addiction and lead ordinary lives. However the association with drugs and financial pressures on  the authorities that may be able to provide help means that at best funds are limited. Unlike the education programs that are seen as worthwhile there is almost an attitude  that spending money on the addicts is a waste of resources as they have little hope of recovery. Whilst the educational programs have been proven to be a success, where  programs to help addicts beat there addiction are in place these may also have a good success rate. The difficulty is with the lack of funding and commitment to these  programs. If we look more closely at the link between drug use and crime we can start to make a much stringer argument for increased funds to help ex-offenders, 

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